Trading was limited, and the dimethyl ether Market held steady for many days and then went down

This week, the domestic dimethyl ether Market as a whole fell, the market price in Henan was no longer strong, and most quotations were reduced. According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average price of dimethyl ether in Henan market was 3850 yuan / ton on July 17 and 3800.00 yuan / ton on July 25. The price remained unchanged during the period, up 14.58% compared with the same period last year.


Sulfamic acid 99.50%

As of July 25, the domestic market prices of dimethyl ether in various regions are as follows:

Region, mainstream quotation

Jiangxi Province, 3920 yuan / ton

Hebei. 3800 yuan / ton

Henan Province, 3730-3820 yuan / ton

This week, the domestic dimethyl ether Market as a whole continued to be weak, and most of the ex factory quotations in Henan market were reduced. After holding steady for many days, the dimethyl ether market finally ushered in a downward trend. At present, the market is dominated by negative factors. Although the raw material methanol market is volatile and rising, and the cost has brought some support to the market, due to the decline of international crude oil, the civil market price of liquefied gas, a related product, has been reduced, and the trend is weak. In addition, under the influence of the traditional off-season, the terminal demand is limited, and the market trading atmosphere is light. The manufacturer’s mentality is weak, and the disk is low.


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In the spot market of raw methanol, the average price of domestic methanol in East China port market was 2404 yuan / ton on July 21, down 1.07% from the previous trading day. On the supply side, some major production enterprises have device maintenance, and some regions have limited production possibilities. From the demand side, the downstream just needs to purchase.


On the whole, the current raw material methanol market has increased, and the cost side has brought some support to the market. However, the civil LPG market of related products is weak and downward, with a bad market mentality. The downstream continues to maintain on-demand replenishment, and the market trading atmosphere is light. It is expected that the price of dimethyl ether market may still fall in the short term.

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