Acrylic acid market price fell in July

According to the bulk list data of business society, as of July 28, the average quotation price of acrylic acid in East China was 10100.00 yuan / ton, down 27.51% from July 1, down 30.02% year-on-year in a three-month cycle, and down 26.10% from the same period last year.


Sulfamic acid 

Acrylic acid market fell in July. In the first half of the month, the raw propylene market was consolidated and operated, with general cost support. Some enterprises stopped for maintenance, and the acrylic acid operating rate decreased. However, the support for the market was limited, overseas demand weakened slightly, domestic downstream procurement was on demand, the demand side was poor, the market mentality was insufficient, and the acrylic acid price fell under pressure. In the second half of the month, the raw propylene market fluctuated and fell. The cost side support weakened, and the overall load rate of the market was not high, but the downstream procurement was cautious, the market transaction was just in need, the acrylic acid market fluctuated and fell, and the market atmosphere was light near the end of the month.


Upstream propylene, according to the bulk list data of business society, the domestic propylene (Shandong) market continued to fluctuate and decline in July, and the price further fell. At the beginning of the month, the market was 7680 yuan / ton, and the average price at the end of the month was 7234 yuan / ton, a monthly decrease of 5.81%.


According to the acrylic acid analyst of business club, at present, the cost support is limited, the demand follow-up is still insufficient, and the downstream procurement is cautious and wait-and-see mood is strong. It is expected that the acrylic acid market may operate weakly and stably in the short term, and more attention should be paid to the changes in market news.

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