China’s domestic adipic acid price fluctuated downward in April

In April, the domestic adipic acid price fell from a high level and fluctuated downward. After the market peaked in March, the domestic adipic acid price lost support and gradually declined due to the increasing supply pressure and relatively weak demand. According to the monitoring of business news agency, adipic acid in East China fell by 4.2% in April, and the price range of adipic acid at the end of the month was 10700-11200 yuan / ton.

In terms of market supply, in April, adipic acid maintained a high level of operating rate, enterprises gradually accumulated inventory, and inventory pressure was greater. As the market entered the off-season, the speed of delivery decreased significantly, so it was inevitable for enterprises to reduce the price and remove inventory. From the point of view of dealers, during the first two high prices, dealers hoarded a large number of goods. In April, the market turned down, and inventory was generally cleared, which further forced enterprises to reduce prices and ship goods.

Pure benzene market trend chart

In terms of cost, pure benzene and adipic acid went out of a completely different trend in April. According to the monitoring of business news agency, pure benzene rose by 14.2% this month, but the rising cost did not drive the price of adipic acid to warm up. On the one hand, the profits of adipic acid manufacturers are still in a reasonable zone; Moreover, the factors affecting the price of adipic acid are more focused on the downstream demand, but the weak demand leads to the weak rise of adipic acid.

PA66 market trend chart

In terms of downstream demand, from the perspective of downstream PA66 of adipic acid, according to the monitoring of business society, the market of PA66 continued to decline in April, with a monthly decline of 4.08% as of the 29th. The weak downstream demand has obvious impact on adipic acid.

In the later stage, the business community believes that adipic acid is still in the de inventory cycle, the price is easy to fall but difficult to rise, and the market supply pressure in the later stage is difficult to ease in the short term, which is mainly caused by the increase of shipping pressure of enterprises, the slowdown of downstream procurement, and the high price may lead to the accumulation of storage. It is expected that adipic acid may continue to adjust, and the range may continue to move down.

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