Potassium carbonate market was stable this week (9.23-9.27)

Price Trend

Market Analysis of Potassium Carbonate Products

(Photo Source: Business Association Commodity Analysis System)

According to the data monitored by business associations, the price of potassium carbonate remained stable this week, with the average tax price of 6437.50 yuan per ton for the mainstream domestic light potassium carbonate manufactured during the week, and the current price fell by 6.87% compared with last year.

ferrous fumarate price

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: This week, the market of potassium carbonate is stable, the trading atmosphere of potassium carbonate market is general, the activity is low, the attitude of potassium carbonate manufacturers is not positive, the actual market turnover is insufficient, downstream purchasing maintains just demand, while the plant start-up rate of manufacturers is at a low level, the overall inventory of low-level purchasing market momentum is low, domestic potassium carbonate. The market is stable. According to the statistics of business associations: in September, the main quotation range of domestic industrial potassium carbonate factory is about 6400-6800 yuan/ton (quotation only for reference). The quotation varies according to the purchasing situation.

3. Future Market Forecast

Ferrous Fumarate

Potassium carbonate analysts of business associations believe that this week’s potassium carbonate market is stable, and the end of September is approaching. The traditional peak season of “Gold, Nine, Silver and Ten” is underdeveloped. Potassium carbonate prices are as stable as ever. Later, driven by various factors, the main concern is whether demand has increased at the end of the festival, and the price of potassium carbonate may recover.


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