Prices of precious metals fell slightly after peaking in September

Price Trends of Spot Precious Metals

According to the data of business associations, the average spot price of domestic gold on the 27th day was 348 yuan/g, down 1.56% from 353.50 yuan/g on the 1st day, 2.94% from 358.55 yuan/g on the 4th September, the peak spot price of gold on the 4th September, and up 22.49% from 284.10 yuan/g at the beginning of the year (01.01).

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The spot price of domestic silver on the 27th day was 4363 yuan/kg, down 2.42% from 4471.33 yuan/kg on the 1st day, 8.55% from 4771 yuan/kg on the 4th September, the peak value of the year, and up 20.60% from 3617.67 yuan/kg at the beginning of the year (01.01).

Precious metals fall slightly after peak value in September

Since June, the precious metals market has been improving all the way. On September 4th, the price reached its peak in the year, and then a slight retracement. At present, the prospects of precious metals in both directions are uncertain, the trade situation is uncertain, the political situation in Europe is unstable, and whether the multiple benefits of economic recession can support the current price remains to be further observed, and it is expected to gradually increase. Enter the oscillation operation zone.

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