The price of sodium pyrosulfite runs steadily this week (5.6-5.10)

First, the domestic price trend chart of sodium pyrosulfite

According to Business Society monitoring, this week, the domestic price of sodium pyrosulfite continued to hold steady operation, industrial grade sodium pyrosulfite early in the week average price of 1983.33 yuan/ton, the weekend average price of 1983.33/ton, the change of 0%.

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Second, the market analysis Products: This week, sodium pyrosulfite market as a whole continued to run smoothly, industrial grade sodium Pyrosulfite market price range of 1800-2100 yuan/ton, most prices concentrated in the vicinity of 19000 yuan/ton. Enterprise production is more stable, relatively adequate inventory, enterprises are still to complete the old customer orders mainly.

(The above prices are refers to the domestic mainstream enterprises external quotations, some of the outstanding enterprises are not in its scope, the price is for reference only, and the final pricing of manufacturers have nothing to do, please contact the manufacturers to consult).

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Industrial chain: This week, the domestic soda price continued to run at the bottom, sulfur prices continue to weak operation, upstream product prices continued to be weak, processing costs suppressed under the short-term domestic price of sodium pyrosulfite market overall upward pressure.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Business analysts believe that upstream product prices continue to be weak, processing costs are relatively low, downstream wait-and-see attitude is strong, it is expected that the domestic market price of sodium pyrosulfite in the short term will continue to operate at the bottom.

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