April Propane Market quotes continue to push up

First, the price trend Propane market continued to rise in April.

At the beginning of the month propane market average price in 4282.5 yuan/ton, the end of the month average price of 4737.5 yuan/ton, the monthly increase of 10.62%, the price is up 14.58% compared with the same period last year.


Ii. Analysis of influencing factors Products: This month propane prices pushed up continuously, the market transaction atmosphere is mild. As of April 30, Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Propane is not quoted, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group Supply and marketing company propane propane is not quoted. Shandong Hai Right Petrochemical Group propane factory price of 4750 yuan/ton, Shandong HSBC Petrochemical Propane factory price of 4780 yuan/ton, Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Propane factory price of 4770 yuan/ton, Shandong Binzhou great group Propane factory price of 4700 yuan/ton,

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Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Chemical Co., Ltd. Propane factory price of 4640 yuan/ton, Shandong Zhonghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd Propane factory price of 4650 yuan/ton. Industrial chain: April domestic liquefied petroleum gas market continuous upward. At the beginning of the month, the average price of domestic liquefied gas market was 4282.5 yuan/ton, the average price at 14.58% 10.62% 4737.5 the end of April Domestic Propylene (Shandong) first significantly rose out of the trend of downward concussion. The first half of the propylene market rose after the stabilization, the second half of the month prices began to decline concussion, but the overall range is not big. At the beginning of the enterprise average price of 6991 yuan/ton, the end of the month is 6885 yuan/ton, the monthly decline of 1.52%. May Saudi Aramco CP: Propane 525 USD/ton, up 10 from the previous month, with an CIF cost of around 4137 yuan/ton.

Butane 530 USD/ton, down 5 from the previous month, the CIF cost of about 4174 yuan/ton. April Propane Market performance is good, the price of continuous upward. The market transaction atmosphere was better than last month. April CP introduced, propane rose, in the import cost to boost, the domestic market price quickly upward. International oil prices rose in a row this month, to the good of propane. Downstream buying and not buying under the mentality of active market procurement, coupled with some manufacturers are still in the state of maintenance, the market supply is reduced. Factory shipments continue to be smooth, inventory maintenance low.

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The whole month propane market trend is strong, prices continue to push up. Industry: According to business price monitoring, in April 2019, commodity prices rose and fell in the chemical sector a total of 14 kinds of goods, including more than 5% of the total number of goods 8, accounting for the plate of 11.1% of goods monitored; The top 3 commodities were hydrochloric acid (51.06%), TDI (22.62%) , Ammonium chloride (17.79%). A total of 46 items fell in the ring, a total of 14 products fell above 5%, accounting for 19.4% of the number of goods monitored in the sector, and the first 3 of the decreases were formaldehyde (37%) (-19.79%), Trichloromethane (-13.78%) and sulfur (-12.36%).

This month all change to-0.84%.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Business Society Propane Analysts believe: May CP introduced a small increase on the market to a boost, but the current price has risen to a relatively high, downstream part of the wait and see, the international crude upward resistance is greater, bearish market mentality. It is expected that the May trend or the possibility of a first steady and subsequent decline.

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