Potassium chloride market continues to stabilize after the “51″ festival

“51″ After the festival, the domestic potassium chloride market overall supply and prices are relatively calm, the local market due to the balance of supply and demand was broken, the price of a small decline. In terms of domestic potash fertilizer, the production and transportation of Salt Lake Group installations are normal. Enterprise daily output of about 13,000 tons, inventory of about 750,000 tons. At present, Salt Lake Group 60% potassium chloride official station price of 2350 yuan (ton price, the same below), 57% potassium chloride to the station 2190 Yuan. Downstream buyers according to the volume of goods different, the price concessions reduced to 30~50 yuan. Local small factories are operating normally. 57% Powder Gelmu Freight yard self-quoted 1750~1800 yuan, preferential margin is very small. Port Potash fertilizer due to adequate inventory, the price is stable, the deal has slipped. Some new goods are expected to arrive in the near future. 62% White Potassium Mainstream quote 2350~2400 yuan, large particles quote 2370~2450 yuan, Russian red potassium quote 2250~2280 Yuan.

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At present, the border trade port potash fertilizer inventory is low, the new supply supplement is less, to the northeast market digestion mainly, 62% Russian white potassium quote 2130~2150 yuan. As a result of the recent spring fertilizer gradually into the end, downstream compound fertilizer enterprises start rate is stable, the overall construction rate is insufficient, so the purchase volume of potassium chloride is less. At present, potash fertilizer transaction more than a single discussion. Liangguang area Potash Fertilizer supply is more abundant, the price is relatively stable, the actual transaction is general. Among them, 62% Russian white potassium quote 2380 yuan, 60% white potassium quote 2280 yuan, Russian red potassium quote 2250 yuan, granular red potassium quote 2380~2400 Yuan. Northeast Potash Fertilizer Inventory is not much, new single deal weakened, price shock downward. Dundee granule Red Potassium quote 2400~2450 yuan, 62% white potassium quote 2330~2350 yuan.

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