May 6 China’s domestic butadiene market is cautiously watching

First, the price trend (500×300) Recently, the domestic butadiene market is careful to wait and see mainly.

Business Society monitoring shows that as of May 6, the price of Butadiene is 7834 yuan/ton.

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Ii. Analysis of influencing factors

Products: Domestic Butadiene market finishing and watching mainly, after the festival manufacturers do not have the latest price guidelines, downstream most of the digestion of raw materials inventory, the intention of the inquiry is low, the intention of the broker offers is not high, Shandong region sent to the price reference 7800-7900 yuan/ton, east China in 8000 yuan/ton, real single negotiations. Industrial chain: Downstream synthetic rubber aspect, Butadiene rubber: Although the day glue futures rebound, but the supply-side policy continues to exist repression, and the demand is also relatively weak, butadiene rubber market presents a concussion pattern, the industry is watching at the same time to offer more flat water factory, trading is small. Butadiene Rubber: Domestic butadiene rubber market stability. By the price support of the day glue, business offers in the factory prices, and low-cost shipping intention is not high, buyers into the market replenishment, small single deal in the factory price.

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SBS: Domestic SBS Market oil glue, dry rubber channel changed slightly finishing.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Recently northeast manufacturers or will have a small number of sources of export, and with the Puyang Blue Star device restart, the late supply surface slightly increased, but short-term northeast manufacturers inventory is low, and Inner Mongolia Jutai temporarily no commodity outflow, to a certain extent to bring support to the market, business society butadiene analysts expect that in the short term domestic butadiene market maintenance mainly, It is suggested to pay attention to the release situation and transaction guidelines of Northeast manufacturers.

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