China’s propane market rose steadily on January 17

Price Trend

On January 16, the propane commodity index was 68.67, down 0.21 points from yesterday, down 43.62% from the peak of 121.80 points in the cycle (2012-03-23), and up 45.30% from the low of 47.26 points on August 7, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

Horizontal adjustment of propane Market in China is dominant, with a small increase in individual and general market turnover. The ex-factory price of propane in Shandong is 4100-4250 yuan/ton. The quotation is the reference price, and the actual price is based on the actual transaction price. Saudi CP in January: $430 per ton of propane, down 15% from last month. Butane is $420/ton, up 5% from last month. The market trend of liquefied petroleum gas is weak, which affects the market mentality. The downstream replenishment is on demand, and the enthusiasm for entering the market is not high. However, propane is still in the peak demand season and the price is relatively strong.

Propane analysts at business associations believe that the current horizontal adjustment of the propane market is dominant and expect to continue consolidation tomorrow.

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