Domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid rose slightly on October 22

On October 21, the hydrofluoric acid commodity index was 119.00, which was the same as yesterday, which was 15.26% lower than the highest point of 140.43 points (2018-02-21) in the cycle, which was 122.06% higher than the lowest point of 53.59 points on November 30, 2016. . (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

Ferrous Fumarate

According to statistics, the domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid has increased recently. As of the 22nd, the domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid is 13146.67 yuan/ton, and the domestic hydrofluoric acid operating rate is about 60%. The company reflects the current supply of hydrofluoric acid in the market. Normally, the recent shipments in the market are in good condition, and the ex-factory prices of some enterprises have risen slightly. As of now, the mainstream of hydrofluoric acid in the southern region is about 12,500-13,000 yuan/ton, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in the northern market is 13,000-13,500 yuan/ton. The domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid rose, and the supply of spot goods was normal. Due to the recent high price of raw materials, the price of fluorite continued to rise. The price of goods in some areas such as Jiangxi reached a high level of 3,300 yuan / ton, and the price of raw material fluorite rose sharply. It is good for the domestic hydrofluoric acid market, but the recent downstream refrigerant trading market is generally the same, the price of hydrofluoric acid products remains high. The price of some downstream refrigerants has increased, which has certain positive effects on upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid. Recently, the downstream refrigerant market as a whole is still stable, and the R22 refrigerant unit starts at 80%. The R22 market remains strong. The main manufacturer’s factory water supply price rose to 23,000-24,000 yuan / ton, but the production enterprises do not have scattered water spot, mostly in small quantities of steel bottles.

In addition, the market’s actual demand performance is not optimistic, and the shipping pressure is too large. The domestic R134a market price has risen steadily, the production rate of production enterprises is normal, the market keeps the supply and demand market better, and the manufacturers ship mainly by export. However, the transaction price on the floor did not change much, and the merchants purchased on demand. However, due to the impact of rising raw material prices, the market price of hydrofluoric acid rose. Chen Ling, a business analyst, believes that the raw material fluorite and downstream refrigerant industry will support the two-way, the hydrofluoric acid market will continue to rise, and the price of hydrofluoric acid will be 13,000-13,500 yuan / ton.

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