Insufficient cost support This week, the price of DOTP fluctuated and fell

The price of DOTP fell in shock this week


PVA 2088 (PVA BP20)

According to the data monitoring of the Business Agency, as of March 13, the average price of DOTP was 9937.50 yuan/ton, down by 1.00% from the average price of 10037.5 yuan/ton on March 6. Plasticizer enterprises started steadily, the supply of DOTP was sufficient, the price of raw materials fell, and the cost of DOTP was insufficient. This week, the price of DOTP fell sharply.


The price of raw materials was reduced due to shock this week


According to the data detection of the business agency; As of March 13, the price of isooctanol was 9271.43 yuan/ton, down 2.11% from 9471.43 yuan/ton on March 6. Downstream demand for isooctanol is temporarily stable, and downstream customers seek bargains to replenish stocks. This week, the price of isooctanol fluctuated and fell. The rising power of DOTP weakened and the falling pressure increased. Later, the stable demand for isooctanol was temporarily stable, and the price of isooctanol fluctuated and consolidated. Later, the rising power of DOTP weakened and the falling pressure remained.



According to the data of the Business Agency, as of March 13, the PTA price was 5868 yuan/ton, up 1.35% from the price of 5790 yuan/ton on March 6. PTA enterprises started to rise this week. With the arrival of the traditional peak season in March, the number of PTA depots increased, and the demand for PTA is expected to warm up. The price of PTA fluctuated and rose in March, and the cost support for DOTP raw materials still exists. It is expected that the momentum for the rise of DOTP in the future will still exist.


Aftermarket expectation


According to DOTP data analysts of the Business Agency, the raw material of plasticizer DOTP, isooctanol, fell in shock this week, the price of PTA rose in shock, and the cost of plasticizer DOTP raw material stabilized; Downstream customers are looking for bargains to replenish stocks. The demand for DOTP is temporarily stable this week, and the support for DOTP demand is weak. As the economic recovery is less than expected, the price of isooctanol fluctuates and falls, and the peak season comes. PTA prices fluctuate and rise this week, and the demand for PVC recovers slowly. In the future, the demand is temporarily stable due to insufficient cost support. It is expected that the future DOTP will fluctuate and consolidate.

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