Enquiries increase and the price of activated carbon rises slightly

According to the monitoring of Business News Agency, the price of activated carbon at the beginning of this week was 10566 yuan/ton, and the price of activated carbon at the end of the week was 10600 yuan/ton, up 0.32%.


Sulfamic acid 

The quotation of domestic activated carbon manufacturers remained stable, with some rising. The ex-factory price of activated carbon for coconut shell water purification in East China was between 9500-12000 yuan/ton, and the market was mainly based on orders. It was in urgent need of good news support, and focused on market transactions.


The source of activated carbon raw materials is rich, including coal, sawdust, fruit shell, straw, etc. The activated carbon suitable for water treatment is prepared through a series of processes. At the same time, the activated carbon manufacturers are also continuously improving the performance of activated carbon, increasing its working capacity, and effectively adsorbing and purifying wastewater.


Forecast: the active carbon market is mainly based on consumption of inventory, and it is expected that the price of active carbon will be mainly in a narrow range of fluctuations in the short term.


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