The domestic aggregate MDI market fell first and then rose in February

According to the monitoring of the Business News Agency, the domestic aggregate MDI market fell first and then rose in February, and fell overall. From February 1 to 28, the market price of domestic aggregate MDI fell from 16700 yuan/ton to 16560 yuan/ton, with a price drop of 0.84% during the cycle and a year-on-year drop of 19.22%.


Sulfamic acid 

At the beginning of the month, the shortage of spot goods boosted the market, coupled with the sharp increase in the monthly settlement price of the production enterprises, the traders’ quotations rose sharply, and the market focus continued to rise. Downstream industries have recovered in succession, and the operating rate of refrigerator and freezer industries has increased. The overall driving force of domestic aggregate MDI market is relatively strong. The aggregate MDI market continued to decline due to excessive increase, low willingness of downstream acceptance, limited follow-up and insufficient gas buying. In the last ten days of this month, some traders and downstream buyers bought at a lower price, and the overall demand increased compared with the previous period. Near the end of the month, the listing price of major manufacturers rose sharply on a month-on-month basis. At the same time, the external sales volume decreased, the supply was good, and the aggregate MDI market rebounded.


On the supply side, Chongqing BASF 400000 t/a unit entered the maintenance state on February 5, and the supply was reduced. Under no great pressure from the production enterprises, it was still in a price attitude.


In terms of cost, raw material pure benzene: pure benzene fell first and then rose, with little price fluctuation. On February 1, the price was 7000-7300 yuan/ton (the average price was 7150 yuan/ton); On February 27, the price was 7000-7470 yuan/ton (the average price was 7235 yuan/ton), up 1.18% this month, down 8.86% from the same period last year. Raw aniline: orders from some downstream factories increased, and demand warmed; Combined with the planned overhaul of aniline plant in March, the overall state of mind of the market was positive, and the aniline market rose sharply. There are positive factors in the cost of short-term aggregate MDI.


On the demand side, the trading atmosphere in the terminal market is poor, and the ability to follow orders is limited. Downstream factories and traders still have some early inventory, and short-term inventory orders are mainly digested.


In the future, it is predicted that the settlement price of manufacturing enterprises will rise on a month-on-month basis, and the supply side will maintain strong support, but the follow-up capacity of the demand side is relatively limited. According to the analyst of MDI polymerization of the Business Agency, the market situation of MDI polymerization in China is mainly stalemate and consolidation.

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