Shipment is not smooth, PA66 prices continue to fall

Price trend


Sulfamic acid 99.50%

According to the bulk list data of business society, the domestic PA66 market was weak in early January, and the spot prices of various brands fell. As of January 6, the average ex factory price of PA66 adhesive injection molding sample enterprises of business society was about 36150 yuan / ton, with an increase or decrease of – 0.96% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.


Cause analysis


Industrial chain: upstream, the domestic adipic acid is slightly affected by the slight recovery of the raw material pure benzene market, the cost side is slightly improved, and the price has increased. However, the large pre maintenance factories have returned to work one after another, and the market supply is still abundant. The inventory of manufacturers and dealers rose, mainly making profit and shipping due to inventory pressure. Adiponitrile has not improved much. The loss of production capacity of large international factories and the shortage of overseas transportation capacity are still affecting the market, and the supply shortage has not improved. Due to the high dependence on imports of adiponitrile, the production load of domestic PA66 enterprises is restricted by adiponitrile.


sulphamic acid

The upstream raw material adipic acid is rising steadily, the change of adiponitrile is limited, and the cost side support of PA66 is acceptable. At present, the operating rate of the industry has recovered compared with that in the early stage, but the tight demand pattern of adiponitrile remains, and the operating rate of domestic PA66 industry is not high. The inventory in various ports is insufficient. Affected by international health events, the overseas systematic transportation capacity is insufficient, and the domestic goods are in a long-term shortage situation. In terms of demand, buyers follow up slowly with goods, there is great resistance to high price goods, the seller’s mentality is loose, and the offer is weak.


Future forecast


Business analysts believe that the spot price of PA66 continued to fall in early January. The shortage of adiponitrile at the raw material end has not improved, and the adipic acid market has increased slightly. The low load of PA66 enterprise due to material shortage has increased compared with that in the early stage, and the supply side’s support for spot goods is acceptable. However, downstream users have a deep resistance to high price sources, and the trading atmosphere on the floor is poor. It is expected that PA66 may continue to operate in a weak adjustment in the near future.

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