Downstream wait-and-see, yellow phosphorus prices fell sharply this week (1.4-1.7)

1、 Price trend


According to commodity data monitoring, the price of yellow phosphorus in Yunnan and Guizhou decreased. The average price of yellow phosphorus was 40666.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 34333.33 yuan / ton at the weekend. The price decreased by 15.57% during the week.


Sulfamic acid 99.80%

2、 Market analysis


Yellow phosphorus prices fell this week. After the new year’s Day holiday, the operating rate of yellow phosphorus has increased, the overall market is relatively cold, and the wait-and-see mood in the downstream is strong. The transaction in the yellow phosphorus market is weak and downward, and the inquiry is general. It is mainly just needed and can be used as needed. Up to now, the mainstream quotation of yellow phosphorus is about 34000-35000 yuan / ton.


In terms of phosphate rock, after the new year’s Day holiday, the domestic phosphate rock market mainly operates stably, and the average market price of 30% grade phosphate rock in China is 690 yuan / ton. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the supply of phosphate rock is mainly contract old customers, and the external quotation of enterprises mostly holds the early price. The phosphate rock analyst of business society believes that in the short term, the domestic phosphate rock market will continue to consolidate at a high level, and more attention needs to be paid to the news changes of supply and demand.


In terms of coke and coking coal, the market has been stable and good in the near future. Recently, the production of coal mines has been reduced more by various factors, the supply of coking coal has been tightened, and some coal types have rebounded slightly. Recently, the downstream coke procurement is good and the demand support is strong. In terms of the coke market, after the first round of increase landed, some enterprises in the main production areas of Shanxi, Shandong and other places opened the second round of increase of 200 yuan / ton. The coke market is improving, and the coking enterprises have a positive attitude. At present, the inventory in the plant is low, and the start-up is still low affected by production restriction. The purchasing enthusiasm of downstream steel mills remains unchanged, the expectation of resumption of production continues to increase, and most of them actively replenish the warehouse. Under the environment of tight supply and acceptable demand, the coke market is stable, medium and strong as a whole.


sulphamic acid

In terms of phosphoric acid, the market price of phosphoric acid tilts downward. According to the monitoring of business society, the average price of phosphoric acid at the beginning of the week was 11466.67 yuan / ton, and the average price at the weekend was 11166.67 yuan / ton. The price decreased by 2.62% during the week. At present, the price of raw materials is lowered, the cost support is gradually weakened, the space elasticity of adjustable prices is increased, and the market price has declined. It is expected that the phosphoric acid market may continue to decline in the short term.


3、 Future forecast


The yellow phosphorus analyst of the chemical branch of the business community believes that the price of yellow phosphorus fell this week, and the downstream is more resistant to the high price of yellow phosphorus. There is more wait-and-see in the field, mainly sporadic procurement in the downstream, and the market transaction is weak and downward. It is expected that the price of yellow phosphorus will be stable temporarily in the short term.

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