Shandong formaldehyde market price rise supported by cost

According to the data of the commodity list of the business society, the market price of formaldehyde in Shandong has risen recently. On April 26, the average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1363.33 yuan / ton, and on April 28, the average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1370.00 yuan / ton, up 0.49%. The current price has increased by 7.59% month on month, and the current price has increased by 56.87% year on year.

As of April 28, the mainstream market price of formaldehyde in Central China was about 1356 yuan / ton, that in North China was 1305 yuan / ton, that in Northwest China was 1300 yuan / ton, and that in East China was 1339 yuan / ton. Recently, the atmosphere of formaldehyde market is general, and the market of formaldehyde is rising slightly.

Upstream methanol situation: methanol market is mainly rising, and the turnover of methanol market in Shandong Luzhong area increased by 30-40 yuan / ton, and 2430-2440 yuan / ton was sent to spot exchange. Methanol market negotiation price in southern Shandong increased by 80 yuan / ton to 2520-2530 yuan / ton. Linyi received the mainstream of local goods negotiation price to around 2520 yuan / ton and sent it to spot exchange, while the part of logistics goods offer price to around 2450 yuan / ton was sent to spot exchange. Shandong methanol Lubei market transaction reference price 2430 yuan / ton to spot. Methanol market continued to rise, forming support for formaldehyde.

At present, a new round of 20 day environmental protection inspection in China is coming to an end. The downstream plate production is expected to increase, and the demand for formaldehyde may rise. However, the price of upstream methanol is increased, the cost is increased, and the profit is reduced in theory. The atmosphere of formaldehyde manufacturers’ stock preparation is relatively general, and the formaldehyde market rises slightly.

Recently, the upstream raw material methanol market is on the rise, and the demand of downstream plate factories is acceptable, so the formaldehyde analysts of business society chemical branch expect that the price of formaldehyde in Shandong will mainly rise in the near future.

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