On September 16, the quotation of hydrochloric acid was temporarily stable

Trade name: hydrochloric acid


sulphamic acid

Latest price (September 16): 282.50 yuan / ton


On September 16, the mixed price of hydrochloric acid in Shandong Province fell, which was in line with the quotation on September 14. The upstream liquid chlorine market is generally in general, which gives weak support to hydrochloric acid, while the market of silica and ammonium chloride in the downstream is high consolidation, which brings certain support to the price of hydrochloric acid. At the same time, the maintenance of enterprises has increased recently, the supply of hydrochloric acid is relatively tight, and the downstream purchasing enthusiasm is good. The by-product acid still impacts the market, and the pressure of hydrochloric acid shipment is greater.


Recently, the market price of hydrochloric acid in Shandong area may fluctuate slightly, and the quotation is about 280 yuan / ton.


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