Sinopec’s price of pure benzene has been raised twice this week (may 18-24, 2020)

1、 Price trend


The price of pure benzene has been raised twice this week, on May 18 and 21, respectively, by 1.81% and 2.37%, according to the data in the business club’s large list. On May 17, the listing price of pure benzene was 3100-3600 yuan / ton (average 3310 yuan / ton); on this Sunday (May 24), the listing price of pure benzene was 3300-3750 yuan / ton (average 3460 yuan / ton), up 4.53% from last week.


2、 Analysis and comment


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1. Product: this week, the price of pure benzene continued to shake and consolidate. In the week, Sinopec experienced two times of increase in the price of pure benzene, with a total increase of 250 yuan / ton to 3350 yuan / ton, reducing the price difference with the local refining. Sinopec’s increase in the price of pure benzene has played a positive role in supporting the domestic price of pure benzene. But this week’s pure benzene negotiation is weak, the spot price of pure benzene is lower, and the price in the far month is higher. This week, pure benzene port inventory went up, tank capacity was tight.


3. Outside: on Friday (May 22), South Korea imported 404.67 US dollars / ton of pure benzene, up 26 US dollars / ton, up 6.87%; East China imported 406 US dollars / ton, up 24 US dollars / ton, up 6.28%.


3. Crude oil: this week, the overall oil price rose. Good news: all localities relaxed the blockade measures, the recovery of the part-time labor economy, and the growth of the demand for refined oil; and the production reduction activities continued to advance. However, the market is still oscillating, and crude oil fluctuated a lot in the week. Brent rose $2.665, or 8.83%, this week from May 15, while WTI rose $3.73, or 12.64%. Compared with December 31, 2019, Brent decreased by 50.8% and WTI by 45.29%.


4. Downstream industry: the styrene market price rose sharply this week and maintained stability. Under the favorable influence of “one belt and one helmet” in China, the price of styrene in the lower reaches has risen sharply, which has driven the price of styrene up. However, the situation of oversupply still exists, and there is a lack of interest support to maintain stability in the later period. On Tuesday, the price of styrene in Shandong was 5500 yuan / ton, 233.33 yuan / ton higher than last week, or 4.43%.


After more than two weeks of stable prices, on Thursday, the price of aniline in Shandong decreased by 200 yuan / ton. On Friday, Shandong’s price was 4400-4490 yuan / ton, while Nanjing’s price was 4600-4820 yuan / ton, down 3.6% from last week.


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3、 Future forecast


1. Crude oil: there are signs that oil prices are rebounding, but the market is still volatile. Focus on us China trade relations and the OPEC meeting to be held on June 10.


2. On the market side: the center of cost has shifted up, and the profit level of downstream products is acceptable, which is favorable for the existence of support; however, the port’s high inventory has brought negative effects.


It is expected that the price of pure benzene will continue to fluctuate in the short term.

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