MTBE market price rise this week (may 18-may 22)

1、 Price trend


Business agency: MTBE market price rose this week (may 18-may 22)


According to the data of business agency, the price of MTBE this weekend was 3643 yuan / ton, 5.60% higher than that of last week.


2、 Market analysis


Product: this week, the international crude oil price rose day by day, the gasoline market demand was good, the market price rose, and the domestic MTBE price rose this week.


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Industry chain: this week’s crude oil futures rebounded day after day, coupled with strong gasoline consumption in summer and more replenishment operations in the downstream, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices rose 2.74% this week.


MTBE Market: the international oil price continues to rise, the gasoline demand is expected to increase, and the raw materials just need to be purchased by middlemen slightly increase; at the same time, the overall starting load of domestic MTBE device is still at a relatively low level, the overall shipment is relatively smooth, and MTBE manufacturers are pushing up. This week, the domestic alkylation oil rose slightly, mainly supported by cost, and the actual demand was relatively cautious.


3、 Future forecast


In the short term, the oil price will continue to fluctuate, but the increase of gasoline demand will drive up the price of MTBE market.

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