MTBE market price fell sharply in February

1、 Price trend


Business agency: the market price of MTBE fell sharply in February


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According to the data of the business agency, the market price of MTBE fell sharply in February. At the end of January, the price of MTBE was 4433 yuan / ton, down 2.48% from 5250 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month.


2、 Market analysis


Product: affected by China’s epidemic situation in February, the demand of gasoline market dropped precipitously, and the price of domestic gasoline market fell 8.02% in February, and the price of MTBE market fell sharply.


Industry chain: in February, affected by the epidemic situation in China, the demand of refined oil market dropped precipitously. In the late ten days, with the increase of enterprises returning to work, the gasoline market rebounded slightly, but the overall gasoline market was in a downward trend.


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Market: affected by the epidemic, the logistics restrictions on people’s travel are still strict. At the same time, the consumption demand of gasoline terminals has fallen precipitously, and the inventory pressure of refineries is large. Similarly, it is difficult for MTBE manufacturers to ship goods, and the market price keeps declining. In the late ten days, although the number of enterprises returning to work increased, the recovery of gasoline terminal consumption was slow. At the same time, the international oil price entered a deep decline state, and the market industry’s market intention was obviously negative. Although MTBE manufacturers cut prices sharply and promoted sales, the overall market volume was still at a low level. In February, MTBE market price was in a declining trend, with limited rebound.


3、 Future forecast


MTBE product analyst of energy branch of business society thinks that: domestic enterprises will resume work step by step, and the market demand of refined oil products cannot be in place in one step. The refinery’s gasoline delivery is not smooth, and the new purchase demand for gasoline raw materials is limited. It is expected that MTBE manufacturers will maintain a low price level in order to relieve inventory pressure.

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