Antimony ingot Market recovered stability this week (2.24-2.28)

1、 Price trend


February 28 antimony commodity index was 58.64, flat with yesterday, down 42.69% from 102.32 (2012-10-16), the highest point in the cycle, and up 24.82% from 46.98, the lowest point on December 24, 2015. (Note: cycle refers to 2012-09-08 to now).


2、 Market analysis


Upstream and downstream: on Wednesday, the price of antimony oxide partially fell. As of Friday, the average price of antimony oxide was 99.5% at 37000 yuan / ton, down 500 yuan / ton compared with last week, and 99.8% at 39500 yuan / ton, maintaining stability.


Domestic market: this week’s antimony ingot Market is relatively stable. After the sharp rise in the first half of the month, the price of this week is relatively stable. The main domestic manufacturers are gradually back to work this week, but there is still a process for production recovery. At present, the enterprises are mainly limited in sales, and the price is up to Friday 2 × low bismuth antimony ingot: 41000 yuan / ton, 1 × antimony ingot: 41500 yuan / ton, 0 × antimony ingot: 42500 yuan / ton, up 2000 yuan / ton compared with last week. The average price of 2 × high bismuth antimony ingots is 36500 yuan / ton.


Major domestic events:


ferrous fumarate price

National Bureau of Statistics: according to preliminary accounting, the annual GDP in 2019 increased by 6.1% over the previous year: according to the statement released on its official website on the morning of the 28th day of the National Bureau of statistics, the annual GDP in 2019 was 99086.5 billion yuan, an increase of 6.1% over the previous year. Among them, the added value of the primary industry is 7046.7 billion yuan, an increase of 3.1%; the added value of the secondary industry is 38616.5 billion yuan, an increase of 5.7%; the added value of the tertiary industry is 53423.3 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9%. The added value of the primary industry accounts for 7.1% of the GDP, the added value of the secondary industry accounts for 39.0%, and the added value of the tertiary industry accounts for 53.9%.


China’s official manufacturing PMI in February: 35.7 predicted value: 46; top value: 50. In February, the comprehensive PMI output index was 28.9%, 24.1 percentage points lower than last month, indicating that the overall production and operation activities of Chinese enterprises slowed down. At the same time, the survey results show that with the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the recovery rate of enterprises is picking up rapidly, and production and operation activities are recovering in an orderly manner. It is expected that China’s purchasing manager index will improve in March.


Two ministries and commissions: to prevent the prices of steel, coal and other fields from rising sharply due to the centralized resumption of production: the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the notice on giving full play to the role of industry associations and chambers of Commerce to support the resumption of production of private small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the notice, associations and chambers of Commerce in the field of labor-intensive industries should timely report the employment situation and employment difficulties of the industry to local governments or relevant departments, coordinate the implementation of rescue and rescue policies, and ease the labor shortage and employment difficulties caused by the impact of the epidemic. Associations and chambers of Commerce in industries such as steel, coal, electricity, oil, natural gas and basic raw materials should advocate stable supply and price of member enterprises, so as to prevent regional and time-based shortages or sharp price increases caused by centralized resumption of production.


Ferrous Fumarate

Industry: the global epidemic spreading crisis has raised the market’s worries about the economic downturn. The global stock market has plummeted, and the risk aversion mood has made gold reach a new high, the bulk commodities have been sold down, and the basic metals at home and abroad have fallen sharply.


3、 Future prospects


From next week to March, the domestic epidemic situation has improved, the return rate of enterprises has increased, and the capital pressure of enterprises at the beginning of the month has eased. However, at present, the spread of the epidemic in the world has increased, global investors are worried that it is difficult to calm down, the selling strength of bulk commodities has not decreased, and domestic metals are afraid to be dragged down.

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