On January 17, the price of silicon metal (441 yuan) remained stable

1. Trade name: silicon metal (441 × 3)


2. Latest price (January 17, 2020): 11858.33 yuan / ton


The price of 441 × silicon in each region is as follows:


The price range of metal silicon in Fujian is 11300-11400 yuan / ton, in Sichuan is 11600-11700 yuan / ton, in Kunming is 11600-11700 yuan / ton, in Shanghai is 12400-12600 yuan / ton, in Tianjin port is 11900-12100 yuan / ton, in Huangpu port is 11900-12100 yuan / ton 。


Ferrous Fumarate

3. Analysis points:


Near the Spring Festival, the trading volume is fading, the overall trading volume of silicon metal is moving down, and the market average price is mainly stable. At the end of the factory, the desire to receive orders fell before the year; the buyer’s early stocking operation was near the end; in addition, transport vehicles in various regions were hard to find, and the metal silicon gradually entered the spring festival atmosphere.


4. Future forecast: close to the Spring Festival, coupled with tight freight, it is expected that the short-term stable and strong operation of silicon metal will prevail.


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