Potassium sulphate market is still hard to change

1、 Price trend



2、 Market analysis


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This week, the domestic potassium sulfate Market was on the sidelines, with low market turnover enthusiasm and stable start-up. The operating rate of the potassium sulphate industry in Mannheim, Hebei Province is about 70%, which is temporarily stable. The mainstream quotation is also maintaining stability at a virtual high level. 50% of the powder is 2600 yuan / ton, 50% of the particles and 52% of the total water-soluble powder is 2700 yuan / ton. When the actual transaction is completed, there is no small space for large order preferential. In South China, 50% of the main stream of powder is priced at 2700-2850 yuan / ton, and 52% of the main stream of powder is priced at 2800-2950 yuan / ton, all of which are negotiated separately.


3、 Future forecast


According to analysts of potassium sulphate of business association, the demand in winter is relatively small, the downstream operating rate is affected by the weather relatively low, the price is weak, the market transaction is relatively cold, and the low market of potassium sulphate is still difficult to change in the short term.


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