Formaldehyde market fell first and then rose in November

I. price trend


According to the data of the commodity list of business association, the formaldehyde Market in Shandong fell first and then rose in November. The average price of formaldehyde on November 1 was 1140.00 yuan / ton, and the average price of formaldehyde on November 20 was 1133.33 yuan / ton, down 3.32%. The current price fell 26.93% year on year.


ferrous fumarate price

II. Market analysis


Products: in November, the formaldehyde market fell first and then rose. As of 29, the main factory quotation in Hebei was about 940 yuan / ton, the main factory quotation in South China was about 1180 yuan / ton, the main factory quotation in Shandong was 1080 yuan / ton, and the main factory quotation in Jiangsu was 1200 yuan / ton. Hebei Zhengding Tengfei chemical formaldehyde parking maintenance. Formaldehyde market supply is acceptable, the market transaction is flat, and the price is temporarily consolidated.


Industrial chain: in November, the methanol market fell first and then rose. In the early stage, the domestic methanol market showed a downward trend, and the mainland and ports all fell to varying degrees. The port continued to be weak in the day, the futures market kept prices down, and spot buying maintained rigid demand. After the middle of the year, local downstream markets started to operate in succession, and the overall demand rose. In terms of the mainland market, local sales were stopped, and the atmosphere in some regions was fair, continuing to rise. The lower downstream plate enterprises have a lower operating rate and maintain rigid purchase. The formaldehyde price is affected by the upstream methanol, falling first and then rising.


Ferrous Fumarate

III. future forecast


Recently, the upstream methanol market “probe”, supported by the cost side, the market turnover has recovered, the downstream market operating rate is average, and the formaldehyde market is mainly stable, so the formaldehyde analyst of the branch of business and chemical industry predicted that the recent domestic formaldehyde price or consolidation is mainly, not excluding the possibility of small increase.

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