Equipment overhaul increased and the market of phenyl industry chain rose sharply

Price trends:


According to the data monitoring of business associations, the execution quotation of Sinopec O-Benzene continued to rise in September. As of September 9, the executed contract price of o-xylene Sinopec was 6 300.00 yuan/ton, up 3.28% from 6 100.00 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. Prices fell 19.62% over the same period last year. Neighbouring benzene prices rose in September, neighbouring benzene up and down the market rose, neighbouring benzene Market in September is good.

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II. Market analysis:

Product Analysis

In September, the external quotation of phenyl rose sharply. On September 6, the external quotation of China was $775/ton, which was $745/ton compared with last week’s quotation, and the price rose by $30/ton. In South Korea, the quotation of benzene in Southeast Asia increased by 30 US dollars per ton and 15 US dollars per ton. The price of imported phenyl rises, the price of port phenyl rises, the stock of port decreases, and the market of future phenyl is good. Yangtze Petrochemical’s benzol equipment overhaul, expected to stop for about 20 days; Luoyang Petrochemical equipment failure, suspended supply in September; Liaoyang Petrochemical’s benzol equipment start-up rate is low, Fuhai Chuang’s benzol equipment failed to start normal, the supply of o-xylene is insufficient, the shortage of o-xylene is serious, and the future market of o-benzene is favorable.

Factor Analysis of Industrial Chain


In September, the price of mixed xylene rose sharply, the price of raw materials rose sharply, the cost of o-benzene rose sharply, the market of o-benzene was good, and the price of o-benzene in the future had a greater driving force. Overall, the cost of o-phenyl rises, the output of o-phenyl decreases, and the future market is good for o-phenyl.


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In September, the price of phthalic anhydride rose sharply, downstream demand rose, the demand gap for phthalic anhydride was large, the market was good, and the driving force of phthalic anhydride rose. As for plasticizers, DOP market has risen concussively, and there is still an upward momentum in the future. Overall, the downstream market of o-phenyl is good, and the upward momentum of o-phenyl is increased.

3. Future market forecast:

Bai Jiaxin, an analyst of business community’s o-xylene data, believes that in early September, due to safety considerations or equipment and process reasons, the number of overhauls increased, the supply of o-xylene was insufficient, and the serious shortage of o-xylene led to a sharp rise in the price of o-xylene, which led to a sharp rise in downstream prices. The price of phthalic anhydride rises by 10% a week, which is much higher than that of phthalic anhydride. This is mainly due to the serious shortage of phthalic anhydride in the market. Phthalic anhydride manufacturers have to purchase phthalic anhydride at high prices. The cost of phthalic anhydride manufacturers has risen sharply. The possibility of phthalic anhydride price falling in the future market is In the upstream of the industrial chain, the price of mixed xylene has risen sharply and the cost of o-benzene has increased, which is good for the market of o-benzene industrial chain. On the external market, the price of phenyl rose and rebounded. In September, the price of the external market stopped falling and rebounded. Later, the external market rose, which was good for domestic phenyl market. In summary, the price of raw materials in the upstream of phenyl rises, and the market of phenyl is good; the operating rate of phenyl equipment decreases, the supply of phenyl is short, and the market of phenyl is good; the demand of downstream phenyl rises, the market of phenyl is good, and the market of phenyl industry chain in general is good, and the price of phenyl in the future is strong.

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