TDI East China Market Price Trend Up on July 31

Price Trend

On July 31, the TDI commodity index was 74.96, up 0.53 points from yesterday, down 69.78% from 248.02 points in the cycle (2016-10-19) and 24.58% from 60.17 points on February 22, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

II. Market Analysis

Products: According to statistics, the price trend of TDI in East China market has increased. The price of TDI in East China market increased by 0.71% on 31st to 14166.67 yuan/ton. The overall atmosphere of TDI market in East China has remained depressed, the volume of real transactions has been depressed, the mindset of traders is different, and the price of high and low prices coexist. Domestic goods with tickets out of the warehouse offer reference 13500-13700 yuan/ton, Shanghai goods with tickets out of the warehouse offer reference 13700-13900 yuan/ton, a single talk, mainly practical negotiations.

Industry chain: Compared with the previous trading day, the listed price of toluene of Sinopec’s enterprises today remains unchanged. Shandong Geotechnical Refining Company’s listing price was raised by about 50 yuan/ton today. Traders’quotations fluctuated slightly today. The quotations in East China ranged from 5,480 to 5,500 yuan per ton. As for nitric acid, the market demand is still acceptable and the market is stable for the time being.

Ferrous Fumarate

Industry: According to market information, Gansu Yinguang two sets of TDI devices totaling 100,000 tons stopped for maintenance on August 5 for a month. Last week, the domestic TDI market fell first and then rose. The factories were flat and stable. The pressure of the traders was low. With the instability of Wanhua plant and the announcement of Yinguang maintenance plan, the TRADERS’mentality boosted the offer. Basf and Wanhua announced the closing price one after another. The traders watched cautiously.

III. Price Forecast

TDI business analysts believe that short-term domestic TDI market range consolidation, focus on factory information surface guidance.

ferrous fumarate price

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