Domestic Ethanol Market Fluctuated Variously on May 15

Price Trend

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According to the monitoring data of business associations, as of May 15, the average price of ethanol market in China was 5220 yuan per ton, and the price of ethanol market in China varied from region to region.

II. Market Analysis

Products: The domestic alcohol market has varied from region to region. Northeast Jilin corn ethanol narrow-range finishing, downstream delivery is general, the high-price signing situation in the early stage is not good, individual low-end has a trend of callback; East China and North Jiangsu are on the sidelines, downstream purchasing keeps just the level of demand, factories rely on their own supply of low-level intentional bidding, but the overall trading atmosphere is weak; South China is a large factory quotation is low, high-end source shipment is not good, Guangdong Province Import prices in the region weakened slightly, and the downstream basically maintained the rhythm just needed.

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Industry Chain: Maize: In May, inventory continued to decline, annual maize planting area and output continued to decline, which led to the corn trading enterprises reluctant to sell, imported maize increased and came to Hong Kong one after another. The game between the main factors, such as timely start of maize storage, will directly affect the trend of maize market. We predict that the general trend of corn market in May will be more likely to rise, but we do not support a short-term surge. Sustained slow rise should be the mainstream performance of the market. After the arrival of bulk imported Maize in Hong Kong and the commencement of pre-storage auctions, the impact on the mainstream market is expected to be limited. Invite low inventory enterprises to replenish stocks appropriately in case of unexpected events. Ethyl acetate: The domestic market of ethyl acetate is weak. The market supply is still oversupply. It is difficult to alleviate. Some local suppliers continue to concede profits and push down market transactions.

3. Future Market Forecast

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The downstream demand is gradually weakening. After the accumulation of enterprise inventory in Northeast China, the short-term market is expected to remain weak. It is difficult to improve in the downstream of East China in the short term. Under the influence of poor demand, ethanol analysts of business associations predict that the domestic ethanol market will be weak in the short term.

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