China’s domestic yellow phosphorus market prices fell slightly this week (4.8-4.12)

Price Trend

According to commodity data monitoring, the price of Yungui yellow phosphorus fell slightly this week. The average price of yellow phosphorus was 15325 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 15200 yuan/ton at the end of the week. Within the week, the price fell by 0.82%.

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II. Market Analysis

Products: Yellow phosphorus prices fell slightly this week. At present, market transactions are light, downstream enterprises have low start-up rate, traders have strong wait-and-see sentiment, yellow phosphorus market demand is not good, lack of support. At present, the main transaction price of yellow phosphorus in Yunnan is 14700-15000 yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price in Sichuan is about 15,200 yuan/ton. The main transaction price of yellow phosphorus in Guizhou is about 15 300 yuan per ton.

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Industry chain: Most mines in the domestic phosphate ore market have resumed mining this week, with increased supply and high overall inventory. The main ex-factory quotation range of Yunnan phosphate ore market is 350-450 yuan/ton. In-plant coke inventory remained at a moderate to high level. This week, coke prices were stable. The mainstream market price of Panzhihua coke (secondary metallurgical coke) was around 2080 yuan/ton. The downstream enterprises of yellow phosphorus have insufficient start-up rate and light demand.

3. The analysts of yellow phosphorus in the future forecast business and social chemical branch believe that the overall demand for Yunnan-Guizhou yellow phosphorus is light, the downstream demand is in a wait-and-see state, the procurement activity is not high, there is no good support in the field, and it is expected that there will be a downward trend in the later period.

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