Domestic methanol market continued to rise on September 12

First, the price trend

According to the price monitoring of the business community, as of September 12, the average domestic methanol market price was 3137 yuan / ton, the overall market continued to rise, the price increased by 15.09% over the same period last year.

Second, the market analysis

Product: The domestic methanol market continued to rise. The main methanol enterprises in the main producing areas of the northwest are supported by low stocks. The new price at the beginning of the week has risen sharply. Currently, the shipments are still acceptable, and some enterprises have stopped selling. The price of methanol in the northwest has risen sharply, and the methanol market in the mainland has followed closely. The industry’s mentality is still acceptable, and the quotation is actively pushing up. In the port area, the futures volatility rose, and the number of holders of the goods accompanied the market, the market price fluctuated higher, and the local goods were acceptable. In terms of equipment, a set of 600,000 tons/year of equipment was parked in Shaanxi, a set of 200,000 tons/year in Anhui was restored, and a set of 300,000 tons/year in Henan was parked.

Industry chain: Formaldehyde: Shandong formaldehyde just needs to be shipped mainly, and the overall atmosphere is normal. The raw material methanol continues to rise, and the cost is supported by the surface. Acetic acid: The domestic glacial acetic acid market is rising steadily. Henan enterprise stocks fell to a low level, so the offer was raised. The inventory of North China and East China enterprises are not high. Downstream buying just needed, and the price of acetic acid rose, and some of the contradictions were stronger. At present, the industry pays more attention to the maintenance of the later devices, and the mentality in the field is more cautious. Dimethyl ether: Some enterprises have tried their upside due to the unfavorable cost pressure, and the end-users have exhausted their inventory in the early stage. Under the influence of the company’s push-up stimulus, they have once again concentrated their purchases. The overall price of the DME market has risen widely.

Third, the market outlook

Business community view: This week, the domestic methanol market is mainly dominated by high shocks, and the supply side is tight and supportive. The main producing areas in the northwest region have been rising for the prime minister. Although the domestic methanol market is actively rising, the downstream areas are increasingly in conflict with high prices. Emotions, receiving goods are still cautious, just need to purchase, the market transactions are general, domestic methanol continues to push up or blocked. Concerned about the situation of methanol plants, downstream start-ups, company shipments, port inventory, logistics and futures trends. The methanol analyst of the business community expects that the methanol market will continue to oscillate in the short term.

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