Domestic acetone market rose this week (9.3-9.7)

First, the price trend

According to the monitoring of commodity data of the business community, this week, the domestic acetone market was affected by the operating rate of the phenolic ketone plant, and the market once again pushed up. The increase rate reached 6.02% at the beginning of the week. As of now, the domestic enterprise price is 5866.67 yuan/ton, and this week’s increase is 300. -400 yuan / ton.

Second, analysis and review

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Products: Entering August, the domestic phenolic ketone market was rapidly affected by the start of the plant. However, due to the lack of upstream demand and port inventory in the middle of the month, the upstream power was insufficient, and there was a slight downward trend in the end of the month. In September, the operating rate of domestic devices was further reduced, port inventory fell, Huizhou Zhongxin 300,000 tons/year phenolic ketone device was parked, and it is expected to drive next Wednesday; Lihua Yiweiyuan temporarily parked for 2-3 days, Zhongsha Petrochemical September 3- 25 overhaul, the contract is halved.

Market situation: Up to now, the market price in Shandong is 5,900 yuan/ton, the price around Yanshan is 5,950 yuan/ton, and the price in East China is 5,700 yuan/ton; the price in South China is high. Overall, it rose at the beginning of the week and the weekend was slightly loose.

Industry chain: Sinopec’s pure benzene listing price is 7,250 yuan / ton; although the current price is slightly loose, but the overall price is at a high level, the propylene price market is strong at around 9350-9400 yuan / ton, from the cost side of the full power. At present, the overall market for acetone is stable, mostly for purchase. Downstream isopropanol market volatility, the terminal plant operating rate is stable, and downstream demand is just the mainstay.

Third, the market outlook

Good factors, entering the national phenolic ketone plant in September. Negative factors, downstream demand in general, manufacturers just need to purchase mainly, the on-site operating rate is relatively stable. The acetone analyst of the business community believes that: in September, manufacturers have more maintenance, but the downstream demand is not good, comprehensive consideration, short-term stability.

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