Narrow fluctuation in cyclohexanone market

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, from November 14th to 21st, the average market price of cyclohexanone in China increased from 9325 yuan/ton to 9387 yuan/ton, with a period increase of 0.67%. The price decreased by 1.44% month on month and 1.53% year-on-year. The raw material pure benzene is operating in a volatile manner, with relatively stable cost support. Some downstream enterprises of caprolactam have reduced production, and the product market has increased, driving the cyclohexanone market. Other downstream demand is average, and the market growth of cyclohexanone is hindered by the obstruction of high price shipments in the market.


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On the cost side, raw material pure benzene: Crude oil futures have fluctuated higher, combined with some contract deliveries in the middle of the month, resulting in a more positive buying atmosphere in the market. East China ports have low inventory, and holders are reluctant to sell, driving up the pure benzene market as a whole. In the cost composition of the traditional cyclohexanone process route, pure benzene accounts for 53%. The market trend of pure benzene directly affects the price of cyclohexanone, and the short-term cost of cyclohexanone is affected by bearish factors.


On the supply side, according to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the domestic production capacity of cyclohexanone is about 6.55 million tons, and the current operating load is around 60%, which is at a relatively low level. The main production enterprises have limited product supply due to device maintenance. The weekly average operating load of cyclohexanone is 64.33%, which is+0.22% higher than last week. The weekly production is 89400 tons,+0800 tons compared to last week.


On the demand side, cyclohexanone units are mainly equipped with downstream caprolactam production, and caprolactam is one of the main downstream sources of cyclohexanone. The market for caprolactam has risen. The price of raw material pure benzene has increased, which is beneficial for cost support. Some enterprises have reduced the load of caprolactam units and reduced market supply. The demand for cyclohexanone is temporarily positive.


In the future market forecast, the cost demand of Juncun is slightly positive, and cyclohexanone analysts from Business Society predict that the domestic cyclohexanone market is expected to break through in the short term.

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