Sulfur market fluctuated and declined in February

According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the sulfur price trend in East China was volatile in February, and the market was weak and downward. As of February 28, the average ex-factory price of sulfur in the East China market was 1116.67 yuan/ton, which was 4.56% lower than the average ex-factory price of 1170 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month.


sulphamic acid

Within the month, the sulfur market in East China was weak and sorted out, the refinery units were operating normally, the market supply of goods was stable, while the enthusiasm of downstream delivery was general, the market trading atmosphere was weak, coupled with the impact of the port supply of goods on the market, the refinery shipments were poor, and the inventory of some enterprises was accumulated, and the sulfur price was adjusted according to their own shipments.


Downstream sulfuric acid market rose strongly in February, with the market price of sulfuric acid at 231.67 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month and 253.33 yuan/ton at the end of the month, up 9.35% in the month. In February, the trend of domestic sulphuric acid continued to rise, the market turnover warmed up, the enthusiasm of the downstream to take goods increased, the enterprise’s shipment was smooth, and the enterprise’s inventory was not under pressure, the operators were optimistic, and the price of sulphuric acid rose within the month.


The market of monoammonium phosphate fell in February, the market demand for monoammonium phosphate was weak, there were few new orders in the market, the negotiation atmosphere was not good, and the focus of market transactions moved down. As of February 28, the average market price of 55% powdered monoammonium phosphate was 3330 yuan/ton, which was 1.11% lower than the average price of 3367 yuan/ton on February 1.


According to the aftermarket forecast, the sulfur analyst of the Business Society believes that the current sulfur market is in sufficient supply, and the follow-up of the downstream purchase is not good, and the on-site trading atmosphere is weak. Considering the use of fertilizer for spring plowing, the future demand may improve. It is expected that the short-term sulfur market will operate on a wait-and-see basis, and the price range will fluctuate, with specific attention paid to the downstream follow-up.

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