The domestic isopropanol price continued to rise this week (9.16-9.23)

1、 Price trend


Sulfamic acid 99.50%

According to the monitoring of bulk commodity data, the price of isopropyl alcohol will rise this week. The average price of isopropyl alcohol in China was 7020 yuan/ton last Friday, and 7300 yuan/ton this Friday. The price increased by 3.99% during the week.


2、 Market analysis


Figure: Comparison of price trends of acetone and isopropanol


The domestic isopropanol market price continued to rise this week. The price of raw material acetone continued to rise, isopropanol followed closely, and the price continued to rise. Up to now, most of the isopropanol market quotations in Shandong are around 6900-7300 yuan/ton; Most quotations in Jiangsu isopropanol market are about 7500-7600 yuan/ton. Most factories suspend external quotation. Internationally, on September 20, the US isopropyl alcohol market closed stably, while the European isopropyl alcohol market closed weakly.


sulphamic acid

In terms of raw material acetone, the price of acetone increased this week. According to the monitoring of bulk commodity data, the average price of acetone last Friday was 5340 yuan/ton, and this Friday was 5540 yuan/ton. The price rose within the week by 3.75%. This week, the main domestic acetone markets showed different gains, most of which continued to rise. The spot supply on the market is still tight, and the holder cannot offer low prices, but he also intends to make profits by actively shipping. The terminal just needs to purchase, and the short-term acetone is expected to be strong.


In terms of raw propylene, according to the monitoring of the business community, as of this Friday, the mainstream quotation of propylene (Shandong) market was 7400-7450 yuan/ton, the market price was stable and the overall market was stable. According to propylene analysts from Chemical Branch of Business Cooperative, after a wave of rebound to maintain stability, the propylene market is expected to rise slightly in the future, boosted by the “gold nine silver ten” in the chemical industry.


3、 Future market forecast


Isopropyl alcohol analyst from Chemical Branch of Business Cooperative believes that at present, the price of raw material acetone has risen, while propylene has temporarily stabilized. Domestic isopropanol on-site cost support is strong. It is expected that the isopropanol market will be strong and upward in the short term. Pay attention to the subsequent raw material market trend.

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