The market price of isopropanol was basically stable this week (1.6-1.13)

1、 Price trend


According to commodity data monitoring, the domestic isopropanol market price fluctuated this week. The price of isopropanol increased tentatively in the middle of the week. After the shock, the price at the weekend was the same as that at the beginning of the week, with an average price of 7166.67 yuan / ton.


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2、 Market analysis


Figure: comparison of price trend of acetone and isopropanol from November to January


The market price of isopropanol was mainly stable this week. The overall market trading atmosphere is general, the Spring Festival is approaching, and traders mainly wait and see. Up to now, most of the quotations of isopropanol in Shandong are about 6900-7100 yuan / ton; Most of the quotation range of Jiangsu isopropanol is about 7300 yuan / ton; The quotation range of isopropanol in Zhejiang is around 7100 yuan / ton. Internationally, on January 11, the U.S. isopropanol closed stable, and the European isopropanol market closed with a downward focus.


In terms of raw acetone, the market price of acetone was basically stable this week. The trading atmosphere is relatively flat, the enterprise’s production is stable, the inventory is in the middle, and the delivery of goods remains stable. According to the commodity data monitoring, the average price of acetone this week was 5450 yuan / ton. The business club expects the short-term acetone market range to be adjusted with limited fluctuation.


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In terms of raw propylene, the price of propylene stopped falling and rebounded this week. So far, the quotation of propylene in Shandong market is 7800-7900 yuan / ton. From the market point of view, the delivery of goods by enterprises is stable, the inventory is OK, and the downstream demand is mainly just needed. Near the Spring Festival, some downstream factories have parking plans, and the market trading has not decreased significantly for the time being.


3、 Future forecast


The isopropanol analyst of the chemical branch of business society believes that at present, the export orders of domestic factories are mainly, the inventory is low, and the domestic isopropanol market demand is general. The price of acetone was relatively stable, the price of propylene stopped falling and rebounded, and the support of raw materials for isopropanol was acceptable. The price of isopropanol is expected to be stable in the short term.

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