Poor market demand for activated carbon and price drop

According to the monitoring of business agency, the price of activated carbon was 10666 yuan / ton at the beginning of this week, and 10600 yuan / ton at the end of this week, with the price falling by 0.63%.


sulphamic acid

At present, the price of activated carbon in China has dropped slightly. At present, the ex factory price of activated carbon for coconut shell water purification in East China is about 7000-12000 yuan / T; the downstream demand for activated carbon in China is poor, and the price is going down, and the trading atmosphere is still weak. Most of the deliveries are made according to the order, and the atmosphere of cautious wait-and-see remains unchanged.


The cost pressure of coconut shell, fruit shell, charcoal and other main raw materials in the upstream of activated carbon is supported, and the demand is fair; the cost support of coal based carbon raw material is weak. The downstream power, medicine and other demand industries collect goods according to the order. The purchase market of activated carbon for air purification and water purification is favorable. The environmental protection policies boost the activated carbon market, and the activated carbon market is stable.


Forecast: the activated carbon market will move goods on demand, purchase basic small orders to meet normal production, most traders maintain shipment and reduce warehouse, and the quotation will continue to fluctuate and tend to fall.


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