Last week, the price of liquid ammonia fluctuated and Rose (8.17-21)

Last week, the domestic liquid ammonia market remained stable in most regions, and the prices in some regions fluctuated upward. The prices in Shandong, the main production area, rose slightly, and Hebei followed the Shandong market. According to the monitoring of the business agency, in Shandong Province, the rising range of liquid ammonia was about 100 yuan / ton in the week of 17th, and the mainstream market quotation was 2800-3000 yuan / ton.


The liquid ammonia in Shandong has been rising in a narrow range for two consecutive weeks. The main reasons are that the large plants are still in the maintenance period. The amount of liquid ammonia is generally used by itself, and a small amount of it is mainly exported. The pressure on manufacturers’ inventory is not great. The quotation of enterprises has also continued to rise, with an increase of more than 300 yuan / ton for two consecutive weeks. At the beginning of this week, the installation facilities of factories have been started successively and returned to normal. The manufacturers mainly suspend export sales, and they will maintain a relatively high level in the near future.


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In other regions, the price of liquid ammonia in Hebei also rebounded, with a range of 50-100 yuan / ton. At present, the price has returned to the level in early July. At present, the Cangzhou unit of a plant in Hebei still produces a small amount of liquid ammonia, so the pressure is not big. The amount of liquid ammonia in the region basically maintains a balance between supply and demand, and the current price is 2850-3000 yuan / ton.


In the future, the business agency believes that the price of liquid ammonia is mostly stable near the end of the month, and some of them are rising slightly. It is expected that the domestic liquid ammonia market will consolidate at a high level in the near future, and the trend of various regions will be differentiated to some extent. In the short term, due to the maintenance of some units, the partial supply imbalance may be caused. However, in the late stage of plant resumption in Shandong, the ammonia quantity will be accumulated step by step, and the price may be subject to certain restrictions 。 From the demand side, the downstream procurement is moderate. Although urea has winter storage, the current social inventory is still high and the price support is limited. In terms of the downstream fertilizer market, affected by the overseas epidemic situation, the reduction of export supply is still driven by domestic rigid demand. Therefore, affected by both supply and demand factors, the price of liquid ammonia is expected to be stable in the near future.

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