Melamine market is running strongly this week (7.20-7.24)

1、 Melamine price trend


(Figure: P value curve of melamine product)


sulphamic acid

2、 Market analysis


This week, the melamine market is mainly stable, strong operation. According to the monitoring sample data of business agency, as of July 24, the average price quoted by melamine enterprises was 5066.67 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the beginning of the week. Taking three months as a cycle, it decreased by 0.65% year on year. At present, the operating rate of melamine plant is not high, the enterprise has no inventory pressure, the market trading atmosphere is fair, and the price of some enterprises has increased, and the melamine market is running steadily.


According to the data monitoring of the business agency, melamine prices in some regions (for reference only, the actual transaction price is mainly through negotiation): the price of melamine in some areas is higher than that in other regions


Regional July 20 July 24 remarks

Spot exchange quotation of RMB 5000 / T and RMB 5000 / T in Shandong

Spot exchange quotation of RMB 4400 / T and RMB 4500 / T in Xinjiang

Spot exchange quotation of RMB 4800 / T and RMB 4900 / T in Sichuan

Spot exchange quotation of RMB 4900 / T and RMB 4900 / T in Henan

Sulfamic acid 

On July 23, the market of upstream urea in Shandong remained stable for a while. The price of liquid ammonia in the upstream dropped slightly recently. The cost support of urea was weak and the demand for downstream was less. The rubber plate factory and compound fertilizer plant followed up appropriately, and the middlemen took delivery cautiously. The urea price was expected to fluctuate slightly in the future.


3、 Future forecast


Melamine analysts believe that in the near future, driven by the low melamine operating rate and the demand in some regions, it is expected that the melamine market will be stable in the near future.

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