Crude benzene prices fell this week (1.13-1.17)

1、 Price trend:


On January 19, crude benzene commodity index was 73.60, flat with yesterday, down 44.17% from 131.84 (2013-01-28), the highest point in the cycle, and up 87.52% from 39.25, the lowest point on December 22, 2014. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


2、 Market analysis:


Domestic market: this week’s pure benzene is in a weak position. This week is the last trading week before the festival. Coking enterprises have a strong willingness to ship, but the traffic situation is relatively severe. Most coking enterprises’ prices are down. This week’s bidding price of crude benzene enterprises is down. The downstream hydrogenated benzene enterprises are generally under construction, which has a great impact on logistics. As of Friday, the price of crude benzene in Shandong fell slightly to 4600 yuan / ton left Right, 50 yuan / ton lower than last week.


Ferrous Fumarate

Industry chain: crude oil: this week, oil prices fell in shock. Early in the week, the impact of tensions in the Middle East subsided, and the focus of the market turned to the impact of the surge in US oil product inventories. On Wednesday morning, the United States and China signed the first stage trade agreement, which was good for oil prices, and oil prices began to pick up. WTI fell 0.7% and Brent 3.78% compared to January 10. Pure benzene: near the Spring Festival, the port stock of pure benzene has accumulated. With the completion of downstream replenishment of inventory, the completion of traders’ replenishment of empty space and insufficient crude oil support, the operation of pure benzene is weak this week. Downstream: styrene price is stable this week compared with last week. Due to the downstream stock up before the festival, the shipment of aniline was smooth, and the price was increased by 1.56% compared with last week. Most of the downstream products of pure benzene are in the loss of theoretical production and lack of support for the price of pure benzene.


3、 Trend Forecast:


With the approaching of the Spring Festival holiday, the delivery volume of coke enterprises has increased, but due to the impact of logistics and transportation, the overall transaction situation is general, and the market price before the festival is difficult to fluctuate greatly.

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