Increased risk of glycol accumulation (11.18-11.22)

I. price trend


According to the data of business agency, the average ex factory listing price of oil-based glycol in North China on November 22 was 4800 yuan / ton, up 0.7% from last week.


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At the beginning of this week, the price of ethylene glycol single can in East China was 4675 yuan / ton. After several days of rising, it fell to 4692.5 yuan / ton on Thursday.


II. Analysis of influencing factors


The total domestic operating rate this week was 68.29%, up from last week. The starting load of downstream polyester plant is about 86.54%, slightly lower than last week.


As of Thursday, the main port of East China’s glycol port inventory was about 411300 tons, down 15700 tons from Monday, down 4.26%. This week, the cumulative delivery volume of glycol in the main port is 46100 tons, and the late arrival volume is about 280000 tons.


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III. future forecast


Glycol analysts of business news agency believe that although the delivery of glycol is not good this week, but the arrival volume is far lower than expected, so the continuous inventory reduction has boosted market confidence. In the later stage, the manufacturer started work stably, and there was pressure for the new device to be put into operation, which would suppress the price of glycol to a certain extent. It is worth noting that due to the delay factor, the arrival volume of ethylene glycol will increase significantly next week. At that time, if the delivery is still not improved, it will lead to the increase of port inventory and the decline of price.

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