Short supply, limited improvement in demand, PC shock adjustment (8.12-8.16)

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations, the PC market in China showed a shaky adjustment trend in the third week of August. As of August 16, the average price quoted by domestic producers and traders for Bayer 2805 was about 18 800.00 yuan/ton, a slight drop of 0.18% compared with the beginning of the week.

II. Cause Analysis

Ferrous Fumarate

PC upstream bisphenol A prices continue the recent trend this week, the market can not continue to rise or fall. On-site purchasing and trading is negative, and merchants have greater resistance to shipment. Downstream factories have a low willingness to stock up, so they need to purchase prudently. Actual negotiation of more orders and lower prices has less room for traders to operate. Businessmen have a heavy wait-and-see mentality. It is expected that the domestic bisphenol A market will be weaker in the near future, and the cost support for domestic PC is not good. At present, there are many parking situations in PC production lines in China, and the recent transit typhoons also have an impact on the start-up rate. The typhoon also led to delays in the arrival of imports. In many ways, domestic supply is affected. Spot supply is tight, which pushes up spot PC prices and increases some brands. In the short term, the willingness of factories and traders to bid for their inventories, but the mindset of the traders is still more cautious. Demand has not improved. In the third week of August, the domestic PC spot price shocks and adjustments.

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3. Future Market Forecast

Business PC analysts believe that recent domestic PC upstream bisphenol A continued to decline, short PC cost. Due to the insufficient start-up rate of domestic PC production equipment and high import price, the current tight supply of PC boosts spot price. However, the downstream demand improvement is limited, and the purchase of stock is prudent. It is expected that PC will continue to consolidate with minor shocks in the near future. It is suggested that close attention should be paid to the supply of goods at home and abroad.

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