China’s domestic ethyl acetate Market rose narrowly (8.12-16)

Price Trend

The domestic market of ethyl acetate increased narrowly. According to the monitoring data of business associations, the market of ethyl acetate in eastern China offered 5516 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week, and up to 5583 yuan/ton in eastern China, the overall increase was 1.21%.


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II. Analytical Review

Products: The domestic market of ethyl acetate has risen slightly. After centralized purchasing in the previous market, the enterprise’s inventory is relatively low, the market price quotation has risen, and the market turnover has increased. However, the downstream market is still off-season, and the substantive digestion of raw materials is limited. Under the pressure of cost surface, the space of supply concession is limited, the inventory of the manufacturer is low, and there is still upward space in the short term. Up to now, the market offers are as follows: the mainstream reference offer in East China is 5600-5700 yuan/ton, that in North China is 5500-5600 yuan/ton, and that in South China is 5800 yuan/ton.


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Industry chain: acetic acid: acetic acid plant start-up is low, the market supply situation is difficult to alleviate, intermediate traders stock is limited, downstream support is strong, export support is strong, but short-term acetic acid start-up Commission is limited, short-term acetic acid market is still tight, the offer continues to rise. The ethanol market is stable and small. Dongfeng plant in Northeast China will be opened, and the supply will be restored. The supply and demand in South China market will be light.

3. Future Market Forecast

After the shutdown of Huayi Ethyl Acetate Plant in Anhui Province, the overall starting rate of Ethyl Acetate is relatively low, the supply side is tight, and the market is dominated by small orders. Raw material acetic acid still has upward space. Business associations expect the market cost of ethyl acetate to support monitoring. It is expected that there will be a steady upward trend next week.

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