Cyclohexanone market weakly up

Price Trend

According to business association monitoring data, as of July 3, the latest domestic price of cyclohexanone was 7866 yuan/ton, and the domestic market of cyclohexanone was weaker.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Cyclohexanone market continues to rise slightly, cost support is still acceptable, downstream connection atmosphere is still acceptable, factory spot pressure is not large, solvent market needs to be purchased more. The mainstream offer of cyclohexanone in North China market is delivered in cash from 8300 to 8400, the mainstream offer in East China market is delivered in cash from 8500 to 8600, and the mainstream offer in South China market is delivered in cash from 8800 to 9000.

Industry Chain: Pure Benzene: The price of pure benzene in East China is slightly weaker than that in noon. At present, spot negotiations are between 5230-5270 yuan/ton, between 5250-5280 yuan/ton in July and 5220-5250 yuan/ton in August. Recently, after Sinopec’s supplementary increase, US dollar disc talks are also active. The rise of downstream styrene price has some support for pure benzene, but Sinopec’s supplementary increase is lower than expected, the market continues to rise with some resistance, and the price slightly falls. Caprolactam: Domestic liquid caprolactam spot market is slowly rising, spot supply is tight, plus good news outside, manufacturers are reluctant to sell at low prices. The spot quotation for liquids in East China market refers to 12200-12300 yuan/ton and is accepted and delivered. Shanxi Lubao device has been restarted, Cangzhou Xuyang device has been restarted, Shandong Haili device parking overhaul, giant device parking overhaul.

Ferrous Fumarate

3. Future Market Forecast

Cyclohexanone analysts, business associations, predict that the domestic market for cyclohexanone will be stable in the short term.

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