China’s domestic polyaluminium chloride market prices remained stable in June

Commodity index: The commodity index of polyaluminium chloride on June 29 was 105.04, which was the same as yesterday. It was 2.84% lower than the peak of 108.11 points in the cycle (2019-04-24), and 4.10% higher than the low of 100.90 points on April 09, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-04-01 to date)

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Latest price (June 29): Polyaluminium chloride (solid, content (> 28%) quoted 1933.33 yuan/ton.

Main points of analysis: On June 1, the mainstream quotation of domestic polyaluminium chloride market was about 1950 yuan/ton. On June 29, the mainstream quotation of this product was stable, and the mainstream quotation was reported to 1950 yuan/ton. According to the monitoring data of the commercial association (, the current domestic market quotation range of polyaluminium chloride is: polyaluminium chloride solid (industrial grade, content (> 28%) quoted 1800-1900 yuan/ton, liquid (industrial grade, content 10% – 12%) quoted 330-410 yuan/ton, and the price is stable.

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Industry chain: Prices of upstream hydrochloric acid and other products of polyaluminium chloride have not changed much in recent years; downstream demand is basically stable, and the overall price of polyaluminium chloride has fluctuated slightly in recent years.

Future market forecast: In the short term, there is no big fluctuation in the price of raw materials in the upstream, the demand in the downstream is relatively stable, and the price of domestic polyaluminium chloride market remains basically stable.

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