Butadiene market continues to push high (5.20-5.24)

First, the price trend

This week the domestic butadiene market continues to push high.

Business community monitoring shows that at the beginning of the week domestic butadiene market price of 8081 yuan/ton, the weekend domestic butadiene prices of 8370 yuan/ton, the weekly increase of 3.57%, the price is 28.74% lower than the same period last year.

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Ii. Analysis of influencing factors Products: This week, the domestic butadiene market continued upward, during the week Sinopec price increase of 300-400 yuan/ton to 8400-8500 yuan/ton, Liaoning Tong chemical bidding floor price increased by 400 yuan/ton to 8410 yuan/ton. At the beginning of the week northeast manufacturers only a small amount of export, spot resources tight support a small part of the export supply of large price increases, the rest of the export manufacturers and Sinopec prices immediately followed up, the market center of gravity as a whole moved up.

In the middle and late Zhou, the state and Shandong Huayu device reboot, Inner Mongolia Jutai and God huanning Coal part of the qualified goods export, the market supply slightly increased, and with the domestic market higher, some European, Iranian and Asian sources of active offer, but downstream to high price acceptance capacity is limited, only sporadic just need passive inquiry, butadiene market after the consolidation of the main. Industrial chain: Downstream synthetic rubber, butadiene rubber, natural rubber although poor, but the supply side gradually improve the price of butyl rubber but played a boost, the domestic butadiene rubber market offer slightly increased, but the inquiry follow up but the performance of the general, the actual transaction is still small. Butadiene Rubber, the domestic butadiene rubber market rose quotes. Supplier to increase the price of Shun Ding gum, merchant offer price follow up, the atmosphere of the field inquiry is not good, buyers on the high newspaper inventory resistance, less spot volume, business shipments are poor.

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SBS: Domestic SBS Market oil glue low finishing, dry glue change small finishing.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket On the positive side, the export manufacturers have no obvious inventory pressure, high price is strong. On the negative side, the overall start of the butadiene industry began to rise, the northern market spot supply increase, downstream just need to support the high price limited, butadiene rubber has some equipment maintenance, the overall decline in the start rate. Recently, Butadiene market upward is mainly supported by the supply side, with the market higher, some domestic equipment restart, another part of the qualified products into the market, the northern market supply surface slightly widened, coupled with the downstream just need to support the limited strength, the market supply and demand fundamentals are difficult to continue to move higher to bring a strong boost. Short-term supply-side inventory low, or will bring some support to the price, but the market trend has no shortage of weak expectations, comprehensive consideration, business society butadiene Analysts expect that the early next week market high finishing mainly, but do not rule out the deal weak drag and drop, the late market fall consolidation may, it is recommended to pay attention to manufacturers export volume and internal and external


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