Spring Festival approaching, hydrogen peroxide market remains stable

According to the data from the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, as the Spring Festival approaches, the hydrogen peroxide market remains stable, with prices ranging from 750 to 800 yuan/ton.


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As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the hydrogen peroxide market continues to be weak and stable


Since February, the domestic hydrogen peroxide market has gradually stabilized, and the stocking market for terminal printing and paper manufacturers has come to an end. The market purchasing and sales are sluggish, and there is currently no fluctuation in the hydrogen peroxide market. As of February 4th, the mainstream price in Shandong region is around 780 yuan/ton, which is stable, while the mainstream price in Anhui region is 830 yuan/ton, which is generally stable.


Business Society Chemical Analyst believes that after the holiday, the demand for hydrogen peroxide terminals has improved, and the hydrogen peroxide market is expected to see an upward trend in the future.


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