The price of raw material was high, and the price of carbon black rose (5.24-29)

According to the data monitored by the business community, the price of carbon black in the downstream market has also risen recently, driven by the rising price of raw material coal tar. On May 29, the domestic carbon black N220 was quoted at 8666 yuan/ton.


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Cost side: recently, the price of coal tar pitch and anthracene oil at the downstream of coal tar market has risen significantly, driving the price of coal tar market up. The rise of raw materials has strong support for the cost side of carbon black, and the price of carbon black market has also risen.


Supply and demand: Most carbon black enterprises maintain normal operating levels. This week, carbon black market prices rose, and early production stoppages and maintenance enterprises gradually resumed production this week, driving the operating rate of carbon black sample enterprises to increase.


In terms of downstream tire companies and other rubber product industries, the overall operating rate remains stable, finished product inventory is at a reasonable level, and the enthusiasm of enterprises to purchase goods is average. Purchasing is mainly based on hard demand. Recently, the frequency of fluctuations in the carbon black market has been relatively high, and the wait-and-see atmosphere for enterprises is strong, with weak transactions in the carbon black market.


On the whole, the market price of raw material coal tar has risen, and the cost side has some support, but the downstream demand has not improved significantly, and it is mainly wait-and-see. It is comprehensively expected that carbon black will maintain stable operation in the short term.

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