Fumaric acid

Fumaric acid

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White odorless powder or crystalline solid particles, with speical sourness that is as strong as 1.5 times of citric acid. It is soluble in ethanol (5.76g/100g,30℃), slightly soluble in water (0.63g/100ml,25℃) and in ether, and very slightly soluble in chloroform. It has no hygroscopicity, and will sublime at 200℃. Boiling point: 290℃ (decompose). It will turn to maleic anhydride at 230℃, and will generate DL-malic acid if boiled with water.

Chemical name: Trans-butenedioicacid

Molecular formula: C4H4O4

 Molecular weight: 116.07

CAS NO.: 110-17-8

Solubility: (Unit: g/100g)

25 oC water
26 oC ethanol
27 oC xylene

Specification: (FCCIV, 1996)

Purity (base on C4H4O4)
99.50~100.50 (dry basis)
Heavy metal (base on Pb)
≤ 10
Arsenic (base on As)
≤ 3
Water content
≤ 0.5
Melting range
Residue on ignition
≤ 0.1
Chroma (in 5% ethanol)
≤ 15
Maleic acid
≤ 0.1


Fumaric acid has bacteriostatic and antiseptic function. It can be used as acidulant, acidity regulator, acidifier, thermal-oxidative resist auxiliary, curing accelerant and spice. Widly used in producing various carbonic acid drink, wine, concentrated solid drink, ice cream and other cold foods and drink. It can replace malic acid, citric acid, for its acidity degree is 1.5 times of that of citric acid. Fumaric acid can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate and optical bleaching agent, also used in manufacturing unsaturated polyester resin.


25kg net in plastic woven bag lined with PE bag. 18 MT/20'FCL (with pallet) or 20MT/20'FCL (without pallet). 500kg-1000kg container bags of all specifications are available.


Store in cool and dry place.

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